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  National Union List of Journals (NULJ): About
You can access the NULJ online database here.
NULJ is managed by UHL Libraries.

NULJ was created in 1987 and the list has been published at Glenfield Hospital Library since 1996. In 1996 membership numbered 105 libraries, accessing 436 journal titles. NULJ now comprises of 155 members and 1,490 unique journal titles.  Originally a paper catalogue, the NULJ database is now online making the listings easily available. The list is updated on request to ensure currency.

Prospective members should be prepared to supply between 10 and 15 titles with  holdings of at least 3 years. It will also be acceptable to include all or most of your library journal holdings. The titles are selected to focus on nursing, medical and allied health journals. In addition, several smaller organisations with specialized holdings have become members. The NULJ is asking libraries to include more unusual titles and this will add to the diversity of the NULJ collection.

The membership fee for NULJ for 2017 is £80.00 the same price as 2010 and this covers the cost of the the support of the NULJ database and the administration of the scheme by UHL libraries. The NULJ subscription year runs from January to December. 

All libraries undertake to share their resources freely and to respond quickly to requests. No payment is made between members for document supply.