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UHL Libraries & information services run a library on each of the 3 hospital sites in and around Leicester. For full contact details and directions click on one of the links below:

Glenfield Hospital Library (North West Leicester)
Leicester General Hospital Library (East Leicester)
Leicester Royal Infirmary Library (City Centre)

Below there are brief introductions to some of the Library Staff. For details of the Clinical Librarian Service staff, please visit the Clinical Librarian section of the website.

Library services staff

Library Services Manager
Stuart Glover, Library Services ManagerStuart Glover is the Library Services Manager. He is ultimately responsible for the libraries and their services. He sets the strategic direction for the service and manages a lot of the large projects that the library undertakes. Stuart also manages the library budget and is responsible for the purchase of the resources for UHL Libraries & Information Services. He is also the main web site designer and maintainer.
Contact Stuart at


Deputy Librarian
Natasha Skeen works across all 3 sites to oversee the day-to-day running of our libraries and manage the team of Library Assistants. She also leads our book purchasing and manages the National Union List of Journals (NULJ) scheme that we run for other health libraries. In addition, Natasha oversees our internal systems and ensures that they are operating so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of service to our users.


Primary Care Knowledge Specialist
Tanya McLaven, Primary Care Knowledge Specialist Tanya McLaven is our Primary Care Knowledge Specialist. She works with staff in primary care across the whole of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to provide evidence and knowledge services, including literature searches and training.
Contact Tanya at


Patient Information Librarian
Ann Brine works with the Clinical Management Groups and services across UHL to make the information provided to patients, families and carers, easier to produce, easier to understand and easier to find. We aim to ensure that such information is evidence-based, current and accessible from outside the Trust via the YourHealth system.

Library Assistants
UHL Libraries & Information Services also have a team of experienced and trained Library Assistants who keep the library sites open and operating. They provide the excellent and professional service that our users benefit from and the very positive feedback that we receive is largely due to them.

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